Narrator is one of the main characters of Go Baby! He is an adult who's hand is only seen who helps Baby and

The Narrator's hand in "Garden!"

Sophie in each episode. He also goes on adventures with his friends Baby, Sophie, and Butterfly. He is protrayed by Richard Kind.


The Narrator is an adult who's hand only appears. He is African-American like Baby is.


The Narrator is a cheerful, helpful, and smart adult. Only his hand appears but he still talks. He encourages Baby and Sophie when they have trouble with things. He knows how to do things and mostly invites the viewers help Baby and Sophie.



The Narrator helps Baby when he needs it. He loves taking Baby on different adventures at different places along with Sophie. He helps Baby when he needs it. Baby also loves the Narrator. In every episode, the Narrator takes him on an adventure


The Narrator enjoys when Sophie comes along on their adventures. Whenever she comes around, the Narrator is very happy for her to be there. He is also happy that Sophie is Baby's friend and that they enjoy playing together. He loves to take Sophie on adventures with Baby. He also helps her and Baby when they need it.


The Narrator and Butterfly are good friends. The Narrator is always happy when Butterfly arrives to deliver something or to bring Baby and Sophie to surprises. He also thanks Butterfly when she delivers something to them.

List of Go Baby! EpisodesEdit

The Narrator has appeared in every episode as he is one of the main characters Here are his appearances: 

  1. Music
  2. Farm
  3. Beach
  4. Garden
  5. Moon
  6. Dance
  7. Bathtime
  8. Birthday Party


  • Some people find the Narrator's voice creepy while others find it annoying. Some other people enjoy his voice. 
  • The Narrator is possible Baby's father.
  • He knows how to play the piano as shown in Music!
  • It is unknown why only the Narrator's hand is shown and not the rest of his body.