Beach is the third episode of Go Baby! In this episode, Baby and Narrator are at the beach. The viewers are invited to

Baby attempting to pick up sand with his shovel.

help Baby at the beach.


As the episode begins, we find Baby sitting at the beach wearing a red beach hat with a bucket and shovel. The Narrator greets the viewers and allows them to say hello to Baby. He then says they are at the beach today. He tells the viewers that Baby wants to make a sandcastle and asks the viewers to help Baby find his shovel. Baby then attempts to use the back of the shovel to pick up sand but fails. The Narrator invites the viewers to show Baby how to pick up sand. Baby then knows how to pick up the sand. When the bucket is full, he doesn't know what to do. The Narrator asks the viewers for help again. One Baby knows what to do, he flips it over and makes a sandcastle. Butterfly then comes by with a flag and puts it on the castle. He thanks the viewers for their help. Baby then does the Go Baby! dance and 5 crabs come out and do the dance with him. The Narrator allows the viewers to say bye-bye to Baby and thanks them for coming. The episode then ends.


  • Setting: Beach
  • Theme: Beach
  • Characters: Baby, Narrator, and Butterfly (cameo)
  • First aired: June 21, 2004


  • This is the last episode to be 3 minutes long.
  • This is also the last episode to air in 2004.

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