Baby dancing in "Dance!"

Baby is the main character of Go Baby! He is a young infant who goes on adventures in different places in each episode with his friends the Narrator, Sophie, and Butterfly.


Baby is a young African-Amercian baby with very short black hair. He also wears a white shirt with a white diaper and is barefoot. In some episodes, Baby also wears something else to goes with where the setting of the episode is. In Farm , he wears a light brown farmer's hat. In Beach, he wears a red beach hat. In Garden, he wears a light blue garden hat. In Moon, he wears an astronaut's helment. In Birthday Party, he wears a colorful spotted birthday hat.


Baby is a young happy and very playful baby, He enjoys going on adventures. He is almost always seen smiling and giggling. Despite being a baby, he doesn't cry but he also frowns when he fails when trying to do something but with the help of the viewers, he smiles again and does whatever he was trying to do again. He also looks surprised sometimes too. Baby also loves to have fun and loves to do the Go Baby! dance at the end of each episode.



The Narrator helps Baby when he needs it. He loves to take Baby to different places and have adventures with him and Sophie. Baby also loves the Narrator. In each episode, the Narrator will take Baby on an adventure and have fun with him.


Sophie is Baby's playmate and best friend. In most of Baby's adventures, Sophie joins Baby on the adventures. They enjoy having fun together and playing. When they meet each other they will hug each other. In Garden, Baby kisses Sophie on the cheek and in Moon, Baby gives Sophie a kiss in the air. They both love to spend time together and do fun things. They also love to play together.


Baby and Butterfly are good friends. Baby loves it when Butterfly comes around. Butterfly also delivers things to Baby and Sophie and shows them surprises and helps them as well.

List of Go Baby! EpisodesEdit

Baby has appeared in all of the episode as he is the main character. Here are his episode appearances:

  1. Music
  2. Farm
  3. Beach
  4. Garden
  5. Moon
  6. Dance
  7. Bathtime
  8. Birthday Party


  • There has been a rumors that Baby's middle nameis "Adult."
  • It is possible that Baby is the son of the Narrator.
  • Baby learns how to play a drum with help from the viewers in Music!
  • Some of Baby's baby talk sounds like 'I do!'